Für alle, die zu Hause noch nicht genug Circus haben!

Akrobatik Shop

Akrobatik Shop is run by Guido Struss.

He came into contact with a children's and youth circus focused on juggling and started to get involved in this area.

He now runs the Globulini school circus at the Goetheschule in Pforzheim and gives juggling and acrobatics workshops.

For many years he made rickshaws and special bicycles in his company Velocab. In this company he has all the possibilities of metalworking and so at some point he made the first handstand canes for a friend (at that time from two old rickshaw rear axles).

After being asked about it several times and building more and more handstand canes, he decided to do it a bit more professionally and set up a series of canes.

In the meantime, he builds the handstand canes in many variations and also as individual custom-made products.

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