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Astromedia: Build your own microscope, the camera obscura (the mother of all cameras), the Galileo telescope, a desktop planetarium or a sundial. Experiment with the Goethe color glasses, with magnets and different lenses. Or are you looking for a pocket generator for your mobile phone?

Astromedia is known for such ideas. You can build many things yourself, other products can simply be assembled from cardboard and the like. Especially the scientific material is often used in classes to understand science. Feel free to ask us about classroom sets with price discounts.

Enthusiasm and luck – according to Klaus Hünig, these are the most important companions on his way to AstroMedia Verlag. In the mid-1970s, when Hünig was still a teacher at the Waldorf School in Würzburg, he and his wife Renate developed “The Würzburg Game”. Instead of going through the history of the city of Würzburg through flat frontal teaching, his students should playfully explore their hometowns by rolling the dice from one sight to another. A success that Hünig took as an opportunity to sell the game outside the school circle. That was the birth of the Würzburgspiel-Gesellschaft, the predecessor of today's AstroMedia Verlag.

Making his lessons more interesting and more tangible for his students drove Hünig for many years. At the beginning of the 1980s, the development of the large starry sky followed a dome-shaped, low-distortion star map with which the actual AstroMedia success story began. The kit was sold for the benefit of the still young Würzburg Waldorf School, and Klaus Hünig wrote to numerous newspapers and magazines in order to broaden his distribution. Among them: Der Spiegel. They took up the story and helped the Würzburgspiel-Gesellschaft to get its first boost. "People started ordering like crazy for the first time," remembers Klaus Hünig, who, thanks to the report in Der Spiegel, was able to look forward to several thousand orders.

The big starry sky was followed by a first sundial and over the years many other cardboard kits - first from the field of astronomy, later mathematics and physics, especially optics. So it was only logical that the small company changed its name to AstroMedia Verlag in the mid-1980s. Finally, in 1995, it was entered into the trademark register.

In 1997 Klaus Hünig switched from being a teacher to his publishing company, developed numerous kits and expanded direct sales in the following years. AstroMedia was one of the companies that offered their customers an online shop early on.

Klaus Hünig celebrated his economic breakthrough with the development of sunglasses in the run-up to the total solar eclipse in Germany in 1999. What he himself calls “a great fortune”, others probably describe in German as "having the right nose". The demand was huge: he and several licensees sold 17 million glasses in the run-up to August 11, 1999. The event catapulted the small publisher into a whole new weight class.
"It was a special challenge to make good use of the time after such a success," says Hünig in retrospect. In order to find more time for the expansion of the range, in particular the development of new articles, he transferred publishing and sales to SunWatch Verlag, whose owner Nils Rhode from then on not only took care of the graphic design of the products but also of dealers and end customers.
The AstroMedia program continued to develop: The product range now includes not only Astro materials and astronomy you can touch but also the popular series of handicraft fun that creates knowledge and material for do-it-yourselfers. Today, AstroMedia is the largest supplier of fully functional cardboard kits for scientific and technical instruments and apparatus.

In the meantime Klaus Hünig has reached retirement age but is far from thinking about retiring. Another restructuring of the publishing and sales departments in 2018/2019 now allows him to concentrate fully on his inventions and developments. As Managing Director of AstroMedia GmbH, Jürgen Lehmann has been in charge of the publishing house since 2019 and, together with his team in Waltrop, takes care of purchasing, marketing and sales of AstroMedia products.