Trapeze DUO 15 + 55 + 15 cm, Rope Length 2.50 m

Trapeze with special cross bar

The trapeze of the famous company unicycle has been used by hundreds in circuses around the world.
No matter whether children's circus or professional. The artists trust this brand for years.
The main part of the trapeze ist made out of two ropes and a cross bar.

This trapeze has a special feature: the rod protrudes approx. 15 cm on each side.
So compared to an standard trapeze other tricks are possible.

In the middle, the bar is 55 cm wide. For yout safety the thimbles have two snap hooks.
The bar is wrapped with tape.

Width of the bar: 15 + 55 + 15 cm
Diameter of the bar: Ø25mm
Rod coating: black or white, powder-coated
Color of the tape: black or white,
Color of the rope: black or white,
Type of rope: cotton
Length of the rope: length 2.50 m
Diameter of the rope: 24 mm
Total weight: 5.8 kg
Load information: WLL 225 daN / BLL 1575 daN.

You have to wrap the ropes or splices with tape, otherwise mold can form!
Store the harness in a different, well-ventilated place.
You can change the length of the ropes by turning the strands slightly.
The user must distinguish the splices.

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