Von Hong Kong in die ganze Welt:...

The Planet Diabolo

Von Hong Kong in die ganze Welt:

Hersteller: The Planet Diabolo Company Limited

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Nico received his first diabolo as a 
Christmas present at the age of 9.
Half French, half Portuguese, he always has been interested in other cultures and dreaming of travelling around the world. 
After studying Management and 
Communication in France, Nico decided to launch his website Diabolo4life.com and to start living on his passion for diabolo. He
started performing professionally 
in Disneyland in Hong Kong in 2009. 

Passionated by image and video, he always wished to combine those interests to his love for diabolo.
It's during his stay in Asia, land of the diabolo origins, that he found the inspiration to launch 
The Planet Diabolo Project.




Professional diabolist since 2004 and director of the famous DVD DIABOLOGY, Priam PIERRET dedicates his life to the art of diabolo.  

Priam started playing the diabolo in 1990. He created many tricks and put online his first diabolo website in 2002.

After placing 3rd at the World Diabolo Championships in 2004, he developed 
DSSS the first diabolo simulator and created Diabolord, his stage character.

Priam teaches diabolo all over Europe, more than 500 diabolists already attended his course.

Priam joined The Planet Diabolo Project to manage the Performances DVD, and to bring his experience of Diabology.

He is also the webmaster of this website.




"A professional diabolo spectator".
That is how this unconditional diabolo fan qualifies himself.
Thierry, known as Donald the Trekky in the diabolo community, has been around juggling events for more than 20 years.
He likes putting his energy in the promotion of young artists, shows and juggling conventions, featuring them in his well known online videos.
Thierry joined The Planet Diabolo Project
in order to bring his passion for diabolo 
and sense of detail. He is especially in charge of the Tutorials DVD.

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