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Our selection of juggling clubs:

In our extensive range, you will find a wide selection of juggling clubs from renowned manufacturers such as Henrys, Play, Mister Babache, K8malabares, and Flowtoys, as well as our own brand, Circus Budget. We take pride in offering you the best juggling clubs on the market, and our experts are available to answer your questions and assist you in selecting the perfect clubs.

Questions about choosing the right juggling clubs:

  1. What types of juggling clubs do we offer in our range? In our shop, you will find a variety of juggling clubs, including models from Henrys, Play, Mister Babache, K8malabares, Flowtoys, and Circus Budget.

  2. What are the distinguishing features of the different clubs? Our juggling clubs differ in various features, including material, weight, grip shape, and balance. We provide personalized guidance to help you find the clubs that best suit your needs.

  3. Which club is best suited for beginners? For beginners, we recommend Delphin clubs from Henrys, which offer good flight characteristics at an affordable price. If you prefer significantly more budget-friendly juggling clubs, consider Circus Budget clubs.

  4. Which club do we recommend for advanced jugglers? Advanced jugglers can benefit from the Pirouette club, which is suitable for challenging juggling techniques.

  5. Do we have specific recommendations for children or individuals with small hands? Our recommendation for children or individuals with small hands is the Junior juggling club for children from Circus Budget, which features a soft grip and good flight characteristics. There's also a "Made in Germany" club for children from Henrys: The Flow club.

  6. Which clubs are particularly suitable for different juggling techniques, such as speed juggling or club passing? For speed juggling, we recommend the Mirage club from Henrys, while the Albatros club is well-suited for club passing. Our experts are happy to advise you on additional techniques.

  7. What LED juggling clubs do we offer, and what features do they have? We stock LED juggling clubs from K8malabares and Flowtoys, which offer a variety of features, including customizable modes, wireless connectivity, and long battery life.

  8. Are there clubs that can be controlled via smartphone? Yes, the Vision clubs from Flowtoys can be controlled via smartphone and offer a range of features to enhance your juggling experience.

  9. What warranties or additional services do we offer for our juggling clubs? Most of our clubs are of high quality and come with warranties from their respective manufacturers. Please contact us for further information on warranties and additional services.

Discover the world of juggling with our high-quality juggling clubs and experience endless fun and challenges! SchenkSpass offers you a comprehensive selection, and we are here to assist you in choosing the best clubs for your skills and preferences.

Juggling Clubs by Henrys: What drives you?

Is it the applause you receive for your tricks, knowing that all the sweat and effort have paid off? Is it the resilience within you that keeps driving you forward? Is it the synergy of forces or the joy of juggling with others?

What drives us at HENRYS is the idea of creating the perfect club for you. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, with each of our clubs, you get a durable and high-quality product:

  • Our patented Hotglue-Injection Technology (HI) ensures high club durability.
  • Comprehensive quality controls and careful selection and processing of materials guarantee consistent high quality.
  • Most of the foils and materials used are specially made for our clubs and undergo our testing.
  • We do not use any softeners in our products.
  • All our materials are tested according to the latest guidelines.
  • Our clubs are developed and continuously optimized based on extensive product testing by professionals and amateurs.
  • Almost all our clubs are available in various designs and up to 7 colors.

All Clubs at a Glance

  • Classic Short
  • Classic Long
  • Mirage
  • Albatros
  • Pirouette
  • Pirouette Grip
  • Loop
  • Loop Grip
  • Delphin Long
  • Delphin Short

Henrys Flow

We designed our lightest and most maneuverable club for children. The extra short, soft, wrapped handle and the short body create a well-proportioned, light, and well-balanced club. A huge source of fun for all aspiring jugglers!


The Classic club is our all-rounder with a long, slim body and a wrapped handle. Due to its medium-fast spin speed, it is suitable for solo juggling as well as club passing. Beginners especially love this club for its versatility. The Classic club is available in two sizes, "Long" and "Short."

Pirouette | Pirouette Grip

The Pirouette is the ideal club for aesthetes, speed jugglers, and solo juggling with five or more clubs. It's hardly a circus school in the world where it's not juggled. The first completely white club creates an elegant image during stage performances. That's why it's tested and loved worldwide: professional jugglers recommend it.

Henrys Delphin

The Delphin club has a sturdy handle made of polyethylene and a heavy wooden dowel in the center, making it nearly indestructible. The Delphin Long is also suitable for beginners, as its design compensates for uncertainties in movements. The Short version spins a bit faster and is therefore suitable for children and jugglers with shorter arms.


The slim, long Mirage appeals primarily to swinging specialists and contact jugglers with its short, thick body, but it's also a great choice for stage jugglers. Spin behavior, weight, and balance are perfectly matched.


The Albatros club is suitable for beginners but is also popular for stage performances. It's the classic passing club. Its thick, long body and wrapped handle give this club its striking appearance.

Loop – HENRYS' New Club in Pirouette Design!

The Loop club is designed as an affordable, highly durable entry-level club in the Pirouette design, but it has a soft, seamless handle made of polyethylene (PE). Weighing 210g, the Loop is a very light club, with weight tolerance significantly larger than other Henrys clubs, at +- 5g. The sturdy handle made of polyethylene (PE) and the ash wood dowel in the center make it nearly indestructible. Knobs and tops are designed like those on the Pirouette clubs. The transition from handle to body is protected by a ring made of polypropylene (PP).

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