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Artistry, theater and gifts - or once upon a time there was ballaballa

It all begins in the early 1980s at Cologne Sports University. Three young fellow students are interested in games and physical activity. With a lot of fun, they also discover the therapeutic and cognitive value of juggling. They especially enjoy the many variations of juggling, such as ball, club or diabolo.

They give courses with fun and passion and also awaken a love of juggling in many other people. The interest is great, so they give courses in the circus, for theaters, educational institutions, social organizations, youth and leisure work clubs and many other social institutions. The feedback is positive from all sides and encourages us to tackle bigger challenges.

In the mid-1980s, in addition to the popular and successful courses, the trio opened one of the first specialist shops for juggling items in Germany in the heart of Cologne.

With a floor area of ​​15 square meters, the shop is like a shoebox. The popularity surprised the company founders. Your customers quickly learn to appreciate the well-managed range, the high-quality and varied goods and the friendly and expert advice. And they keep coming back.

At the end of the 80s the three moved. The new shop is now centrally located at Zülpicher Strasse 39. The colorful artistic range has been expanded to include sporty and imaginative games as well as balloons, gifts and joke articles.

The now very unusual range ensures a certain reputation so that even today a typical customer exclamation is: "You can always find something at ballaballa!"

Due to the increasing number of inquiries from business customers, a wholesale business is set up in the basement. ballaballa GmbH sees the light of day.

The popularity of the selected range of games, which combines many positive values ​​such as fun with games, fitness, self-confidence and creativity, is increasing and increasing.

At the beginning of the 1990s, the wholesale business moved from the basement on Zülpicher Strasse to nearby Volksgartenstrasse. This is the first time there has been a physical separation between wholesale and retail. Word has long since gotten around to resellers about the wide range of products and their consistently good quality.

The trio becomes a duo. The third man is pursuing his long-cherished wish to become an ambitious juggler and artist. At the beginning of the new millennium, wholesale moves to Steyler Straße and grows as a company.

A larger warehouse makes it easier to ship the goods. All employees of ballaballa GmbH are deeply rooted in the arts and theater community. In this way, creative innovations are recognized, promoted and tested at an early stage. This leads to constant refreshment and improvement of the range. In order to promote quality, the two partners can contribute their sports science and pedagogical experience from their studies to the range.

As a small medium-sized company, ballaballa is now one of the top performers in the industry and the community. The shop is well known throughout Germany. The wholesale has managed to enjoy an excellent reputation among retailers and manufacturers throughout Europe. ballaballa is currently always working on expanding and improving the existing quality of service and new product offerings.


Manufacturer Profile: ballaballa - Your Source for Artistic, Theatrical, and Gift Items

Welcome to ballaballa, your reliable partner for artistic, theatrical, and gift items. Our story begins in the early 80s at the renowned Cologne Sports University, where three passionate classmates discovered their love for sports and movement. However, it was the fascinating world of juggling in all its forms—be it with balls, clubs, or diabolos—that captured their hearts.

Driven by fun and passion, they began offering courses, igniting the love for juggling in many others. The response was overwhelming, leading them to expand their activities to circus arts, theater, schools, social institutions, and numerous other establishments. The positive feedback encouraged them to take on bigger challenges.

In the mid-80s, they took the leap into entrepreneurship by opening one of Germany's first specialized stores for juggling equipment in the heart of Cologne. The tiny store, with just 15 square meters of space, quickly became a hotspot for juggling enthusiasts. Customers appreciated the carefully curated selection, high-quality products, and expert advice.

Towards the late 80s, they relocated to Zülpicher Straße 39, where they expanded their range to include athletic games, creative balloons, as well as gift and novelty items. Soon, ballaballa gained a reputation as a place where you could always find something extraordinary.

Due to increasing inquiries from business customers, they established a wholesale division in the basement, giving birth to ballaballa GmbH. Their chosen product range, which blended the joy of play, fitness, self-confidence, and creativity, gained ever-increasing popularity.

In the early 90s, the wholesale division moved to Volksgartenstraße, marking the first spatial separation between the wholesale and retail operations. The diverse product range and high-quality products became well-known among resellers.

Meanwhile, one of the founders pursued his dream as a juggler and artist. At the beginning of the new millennium, the wholesale division relocated to Steyler Straße, expanding as a company. A larger warehouse facilitated smoother product shipping.

All ballaballa GmbH team members have deep roots in the artistic and theatrical community. This allows for the early recognition, promotion, and testing of creative innovations, leading to a continuous refreshment and improvement of the product range. The two partners bring their expertise in sports science and education from their studies to enhance product quality.

Today, ballaballa is a small to medium-sized company, recognized as a leading player in the industry and the community. Our retail store is known nationwide, and our wholesale division enjoys an excellent reputation among retailers and manufacturers across Europe.

We continually strive to expand and enhance our existing quality in service and new product offerings, ensuring that at ballaballa, you will always find the best in artistic, theatrical, and gift items. Explore our diverse selection of products, including:

  • Juggling
  • Devilsticks & Flowersticks
  • Diabolos
  • Fire Juggling
  • Juggling Balls
  • Juggling Cups & Hats
  • Juggling Clubs & Knives
  • Juggling Rings
  • Juggling Plates
  • Juggling Scarves
  • Juggling Sets
  • Glow Juggling Items
  • Levi Sticks
  • Poi Swinging
  • Rhythmic Ribbons
  • Starflyer - Flying Carpet
  • Bags
  • Cigar Boxes
  • Unicycles & Accessories
  • Hula Hoops
  • Walking Globes & Rope Systems
  • Ninja Line
  • Rola Bola
  • Slacklines
  • Stilts
  • Aerial Silks & Trapezes

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