What size unicycle to buy?

In fact, the unicycle-size does not depend so much on your size like on a bike – of course, the unicycles from 12″-18″ are for children. Though some crazy muni-riders try to ride 12″ unis and to make tricks, too – but they are not made for this. Basically, once you can ride a 20″, the uni-size is rather a question of what you want to do with your unicycle:

For Hockey, Freestyle, Basketball, normal unicycling, etc. a 20″ is quite perfect. Beyond that, you can say that the longer you want to ride, the bigger should be the wheel.

For QU-AX unicycles, please have a look at the table below to help you decide which uni-size to buy. These values are already considering a shortened seatpost.

How to measure your inside-leg: measure from the ground to your crotch – like on the picture at the right. Wear shoes when doing this – since your are going to wear them, too – when you ride.

On the 19″, 24″, 27,5″ munis, a gusset post increases the min. inseam-size of about 7 cm – if you want to change to a non-gusset-post, it is possible to reduce the min. inseam of about 7 cm.

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