Aerobie - Engineering Excellence in Flight...


Aerobie - Engineering Excellence in Flight

Aerobie, born out of the visionary mind of Stanford Engineering professor Alan Adler, is a testament to the pursuit of performance. Recognizing the limitations of existing flying discs in the 1970s, Adler embarked on an eight-year journey of relentless research and development to create something superior.

His breakthrough invention, the Pro Ring, not only surpassed its predecessors but also shattered the world record for the farthest thrown object. The contemporary version of this innovation now achieves incredible distances, soaring over 1333 feet!

In 1984, Alan Adler founded Aerobie, continuing his quest for engineering excellence in the realm of flying rings and discs. Over the years, he has re-engineered, improved, and introduced numerous other aerodynamic marvels, each surpassing any competition on the market in terms of performance.

At Aerobie, the legacy of Alan Adler lives on, symbolizing a commitment to pushing the boundaries of flight and consistently delivering products that redefine the possibilities of aerial performance.

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