Fire juggling

It just looks wonderful when you see artists juggling fire or LED juggling items!

When juggling with LED articles, you only need a dark room or you can juggle in the dark at night.

To practice, it doesn't hurt to practice with the props in the light.

If you want to test it yourself, you should always play it safe when juggling with fire!

Here are some important rules for juggling fire:

• Juggling or swinging with fire is always dangerous for you and those around you!
• Safety always comes first, no matter how great the trick!
• Juggling with fire may only be carried out by adults or under the supervision of an experienced adult!
• It is essential to practice at least in pairs and play a show!
• Check every fire article before use!
• Extinguish every flame before the flame is very small. Otherwise the wick will break. The best way to extinguish the flame is to use a wet cotton cloth or stage molton on a fire-proof surface!
• Always keep a distance to flammable objects!
• Only play on non-flammable surfaces!
• Always have a fire blanket and fire extinguisher ready!
• Inquire with the authorities about restrictions on fire in private and public areas!
• Find out about suitable fire extinguishing fluids! Use only this one!
• Swing the wicks into a mug before lighting! Collect the liquid and reuse it!
• Wind is dangerous because the fire can spread quickly! Caution!
• A wet floor makes it slippery quickly! Please move carefully!
• If you are unsure, then always jugle without a fire!

Have fun buying fire and LED juggling items online!

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