Boomwhackers - A Musical Journey of Joy and...


Boomwhackers - A Musical Journey of Joy and Innovation

Boomwhackers Tuned Percussion Tubes, the brainchild of Craig Ramsell, have brought the joy of music to hundreds of thousands of people, including children. Craig, the inventor, grew up in Iowa with a musical background, playing various instruments from the cornet to the keyboard. Despite his protestations against playing the French horn in the marching band, he pursued a successful career in finance, specializing in complex, cross-border financing transactions for high-value equipment.

Returning to music after his career, Craig immersed himself in classical guitar and, after inventing Boomwhackers, delved into the world of percussion. Despite his proficiency in percussion, the classical guitar remained his greatest musical passion. RBI, with 50 years of experience, provides quality musical education products for early childhood and elementary schools, emphasizing the importance of music in a child's development.

Boomwhackers Tuned Percussion Tubes, distributed mainly through dealers and distributors, have garnered international acclaim. While the majority of sales are in the USA, Boomwhackers reach enthusiasts in countries such as Australia, China, Germany, Japan, Canada, and South Africa. These tubes, unique and delightful instruments, continue to resonate with individuals of all ages, enriching lives through the universal language of music.

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