Aerial Hoops (Lyra)

Our  certified aerial hoops are completely planned and produced in Germany.

The hoops are often also called aerial hoops, lyras or aerial rings.

Our SchenkSpass aerial hoops are bent in the northern Germany, then they roll to Würzburg to be welded, packaged and shipped there.

We produce different types of aerial hoops:

Aerial hoops with two suspension points and one handle, aerial hoops with two suspension points, aerial hoops with one suspension point and aerial hoops with no points for the attaching of a round sling.

These aerial hoops are powder-coated in black. For outside we also produce aerial hoops (vertical hoops) made of stainless steel, which can be used outside all year round with 1-point and 2-point suspension. We only select the best quality steel with a suitable diameter of the pipe so that the ring is secure, but still light enough. Our aerial hoops benders work precisely and with experience and the ring is welded by experienced welders with a welding certificate (DIN EN ISO 1090-2 for steel structures EXC 1 & 2 up to material S 355).

Books on the subject of aerial hoops from the USA and complement the aerial hoops program as well as accessories such as tape for aerial hoops or wire ropes for hanging the aerial hoops. The wrist strap we developed is a good addition for a variety of tricks for this aerial artistry. We at SchenkSpass use and test our own products in our own circus projects.

More and more children's circuses, varieté and circus professionals as well as aerial studios trust in our aerial hoops. We are happy to answer any questions and also take your ideas and tips on board. Individual variants and hoop colors are possible.

How do you find the right Aerial hoop size?

Please sit on a chair. Then measure the length from the seat to the head (sitting upright). Add 10 centimeters. That’s a good size then. More information on measuring the right hoop size here.

Which variant is best for which purpose?

Aerial hoop 2-point with handle - Children have a problem gripping the pipe, so it is good to be able to hold on to the thinner handle. Even if all hoops are secure, the handle additionally stabilizes the ring. A hand strap can also be attached to the handle and to all Aerial hoops.

Aerial hoop 2 Point without a grip - In general, 2 points are suitable for not spinning while practicing or presenting. We therefore recommend this version of the Aerial Hoop, especially for beginners.

Aerial hoop 1 Point - If you want to spin, the best thing to do is to add a swivel to one point. Even trainers can show their group a trick or an exercise from several sides.

Aerial hoop (ring only) - Attach a round sling directly on your hoop. For more flexibility between suspension and ring.

Black powder-coated steel or stainless steel? Both rings have been tested and are suitable for dance and artistry. The steel hoops are powder-coated in black and the stainless steel hoops come in a shiny silver (stainless steel color). You can also leave the stainless steel hoop hanging for a long time outdoors.

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