This category is about aerial arts!

Many products in this category are planned, manufactured and marketed by us.

We have been developing many products since 2003 and many private customers, circuses, children's circuses, sports clubs, online shops and other businesses trust our products! This means that you can purchase these products from colleagues and friends who are just as familiar with aerial acrobatics.

The products include:

Aerial Silks: We check each aerial silk individually while we assemble your desired length and color for you. All silks are checked and tested. Many Groups & organisations use our aerial silks again and again. In addition, we offer a very extensive range of products to properly hang and secure the aerial fabric: aerial fabric suspensions for the ceiling or for beams, variable or not, and we also offer suitable screws and dowels. And for everyone who would like to hang something else: We also have a "universal" solution for spontaneous ideas.

Aerial Yoga: These beautiful colors in this extreme width (2,80m) enable the feeling of freedom and happiness. We have a big inventory available and thus we can also supply aerial yoga studios.

Aerial hoops/Lyras: elegance in aerial hoops. Any pose looks easy - but they also require a lot of experience and practice. Our narrow hoops are more likely to be bought by artists from the circus sector - and the widths with 33 mm diameter as dance hoops for pole dance studios. Made in Germany!

Straps: Our products require strength and body control.

Trapeze and nets: The manufacturer Unicycle has been offering quality for years! And our outdoor variants with stainless steel rods complement the option of buying a suitable trapezoid.

Chinese mast: Made in Germany according to the highest standards of circus acrobats! First dismantled, then assembled and quickly climbed ". The climbing mast for professionals!

Buy accessories for all aerial artists devices: Mostly made by us - SchenkSpass! Look out for the logo.