Aerial Fabric Kit - 8 m Aerial Fabric + DVD aerial fabric Volume 1 + Ceiling Mount Bracket

Aerial Fabric Kit - 8 m Aerial Fabric + DVD aerial fabric Volume 1 + Ceiling Mount Bracket

Save now with our Aerial Fabric Kit. Contains:

1. 8 m Aerial Fabric SchenkSpass

A product of SchenkSpass.
Our aerial fabric is a fabric for starters, advanced and professionals.
The grippy fabric is also well suited for smaller hands.
It is 160 cm wide and can be bought in several different length and colours.

Available colors: red, white, black, royal blue, navy blue, yellow, purple, navy blue, or-ange, sky blue, maroon, pink, silver gray
Width: 160 cm
Weight m2: 130 grams
Material: 100% Polyester
Working Load: 95 KG
Breaking Load: 1350 KG

Please note that you need to take the cloth twice. Example: With a ceiling height of 6 me-ters, you need 12 meters cloth.
Please use one or two meters more for the knot and for tricks you train on the bottom.
A suitable aerial fabric hook must be used. The Aerial Fabric Hook must be ordered sepa-rately!
You can buy your hook in our shop, too!

2. DVD aerial fabric Volume 1

Finally a DVD for aerial Fabric!
Made by professionals. The artist herself has traveled a lot in the world and gives you now her knowledge on this DVD.
Even if you only have French and English to choose you can learn very much. Eeach step is on the DVD to recognize.

Duration: 1 hour
Content: Security / Security Exercises / Exercises Climbs and descents / ascents and descents Hinauklettern Figures / Figures + 3 choreographies

3. Ceiling Mount Bracket for Aerial Fabric

The Ceiling Mount Bracket serves to suspend aerial fabric safely and professionally. It also ensures that the fabric is not rubbed through in use.
This Ceiling Mount Bracket does not require a carabiner or other suspension, because the fabric can be attached directly to it. This is why it can be used very well in a room with a lower ceiling.
Please make sure that the bracket with the fabric is hung in a place that can withstand all the load that will hang on it!!!
Can be used for Suspension Straps, Gymnastic Rings, Yoga Swings & Hammock, Aerial Yoga, Body Weight Strength Training Systems & Boxing Equipment.

Material: steel, powder-coated
Color: black, white
Length: 34 cm
Width: 14 cm
Height: 14 cm
Breaking load: 11000 KG
Workload: 500 KG
Made in Germany

Aerial Fabric + Mount Color 
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