Dance Trapeze

In contrast to a standard Single Trapeze, the Dance Trapeze is only attached to one suspension point, which is usually attached to a swivel, thereby allowing the artiste to rotate freely and easily. This makes it possible to introduce beautiful dance-like elements into the performance.


  • The weight of the trapeze depends on the length and type of rope and the pole selected
  • 2 to 3 m long rope
  • Hemp rope (natural colour white), 22mm diameter or cotton rope (natural colour White/black) 24 mm Diameter
    - the ropes can be lengthened or shortened as required
    - therefore easily adaptable for your home!
  • Thimbled in stainless steel thimbles
  • Extension: + 10 cm stainless steel weights on the left and + 10 cm on the right
  • 2,5 cm diameter stainless steel pole, widths adjustable at no extra charge
  • No tape (please order tape here separately)
  • Upholstered with suede
  • Suede color options: black, red, green, pink, purple, blue, grey, brown
  • Usage life:
    - Cotton: 3 years / 450h
    - Hemp: 2years / 300h

Please note: The pictures are only examples. Your selection ultimately determines the product.

Fabric Color 
Type of Rope 
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