Fire Diabolo Kit

Fire Diabolo Kit for MB

This kit is an attachment to the Mister Babache Finesse diabolo, which is one of the most popular and best diabolos available on the market. It has excellent weight and spin. Diabolo Finesse is not included in this Set!

"This fire diabolo is the best on the planet"– say many professional jugglers, like Aaro Petrus Kontios, who is also Gora's tester. It is based on new innovative technologies.

The main part of the kit is constructed from a light metal cup made from a strong aluminum alloy. It holds the kevlar and is fixed into the diabolo with help of two screws (Mister Babache).

The kevlar is semi-covered by the aluminium cup so that half of the volume works as a fuel-container. The silicone disc protects the diabolo body against flame-damage.

The fire attachment is exeptionally durable, as the flexible plastic diabolo cups absorb the shock of any drop. It can withstand the highest throws, even falling on concrete.

It is safer than the metallic fire diabolos because it has no outer metal surface area which could become burning hot.

The kit itself is very lightweight, but due to the changed balance it requires some more skill or practice than the non-fire version. Compared with other fire diabolos which can be handled with a kevlar string only, you can use our fire diabolo kit with a regular diabolo string as well in order to have better control.

Use the small heads for multi diabolo, to have less weight

We recommend this firediabolo to everyone who doesn't make compromises, and wants to use his firediabolo as the normal ones.

The weight is 140g.


  • Use the syringe to fuel the kevlar. Each cup takes a maximum of 12 ml.
  • Use lower heat level liquid like paraffin, lamp oil or barbecue oil.
  • Do not use white spirit or benzene because the heat is too high for the silicone disc and the diabolo body.
  • Always mind the direction of the wind.
  • Before lighting, spin out the excess paraffin otherwise there is a turn-out effect at the beginning, which can reduce the lifetime of the fire Diabolo.

Scope of delivery:

2x Fire Head
2x Silicone Disc
2x leather Padding
Screw Set+ Hex Key (only Babache)
1x Syringe

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