Ogo Sport® Set

OgoSport - creativity without limits - the bestseller for years from Schildkröt.

Oh go outside - going out to play - was the inspiration for the name Ogosport. The versatile set is great fun for the whole family.

Whether at the beach, in the park or on the meadow, Ogosport is a must for every summer holiday!

The Superdisk catches balls and throws them up to 45 meters, but can also be used as a throwing disc.

The special feature of OgoSport lies in its versatility: there are no limits to creativity, it can be played alone, in pairs or by several players and adapts to many sports such as e.g. B. volleyball, baseball and tennis.

Ogo Soft Ball: The special soft ball is the perfect ball for the OgoSport Superdisk and can be used for many sports. It's soft enough for indoor use, offers unlimited play possibilities and doesn't roll onto the street.

Health aspect: OgoSport is ideal for training motor skills and eye-hand coordination - as a leisure game or for solo entertainment. Therefore also ideal for use in school sports and as therapy.

A special variant is the game with filled water balloons. Because the OgoSport Disk doesn't sink, it's also great fun for the beach or pool.

The set includes 2 Ogo Discs (discs) Ø29cm - standard size.

They are covered with the well-known black, robust and, above all, elastic net.

The discs have the pleasant foam ring on the edge, which is pleasant to grip and hold.

Also included is an Ogo cuddly ball Ø6.5cm, which stops immediately when it falls on the ground.

The annoying running behind, in the worst case out onto the street in front of the next car, is no longer necessary.

ATTENTION! Not suitable for children under 3 years. Article contains small parts (ball), choking and suffocation hazard.

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