Magic Trick Accessories - Prank Items - Gag Wrench

When we first saw this thing, we, along with others in the audience, bent over laughing.

A magician invites a child onto the stage to help. A hand is shaken in greeting, the whole arm wobbles.

"It's all loose, let's tighten it up". The magician brings out an oversized spanner and begins to tighten the child's arm, making a horrible creaking noise.

The child, and this was the big surprise for us, does not startle but shrieks with delight.

Another shake of the arm: " There, now it works." Some time later the magic table is in the way, it is moved a little to the side. It's wobbly too! "Shall we screw it down too?"

Again the giant spanner is used, again a hellish noise. The lid of the magic suitcase is opened, it squeaks and is screwed on with a roar.

Since we've been using this key, we've come up with dozens of ideas: You enter the stage, put the microphone at the right height, it collapses, is screwed down with a rattle.

You limp, take off your shoe - out comes a big (foam rubber) boulder. But now you quickly adjust the leg to the right length again with the "arthritis spanner" and a loud, creaking noise.

The music too loud or too quiet? Use this key to set the musicians' equipment correctly. You are doing "Copperfield's twisted hands"?

Tighten the arm or elbow joint afterwards with groans and creaks.....The comedy item of the year.

Perfectly and durably made, easy to transport, simple to use and worlds superior to any "watch ratchet"!

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