Magic Trick - Folded Coin/Bottle Coin Lasercut

Magic can be that simple, that convincing and that amazing:

Imagine you are sitting with friends over a bottle of wine, the bottle is empty and you are asked, as so often, to show a trick. So you take the wine bottle from the table, have it examined to top it all off. Then you borrow a fifty cent piece, have it examined too and place it on your flat hand.
You hit the bottom of the bottle once on the coin in your hand, at the same moment your hand is empty and the coin is in the bottle. So it has clearly penetrated the bottom of the bottle!
It is amazing to see how the coin is in the bottle. You twist and turn the bottle, letting the audience marvel at the coin in the bottle. Then you shake the bottle a little, the coin falls out through the far too small neck of the bottle into your hand and is immediately returned to the dear fellow who lent it to you.
Sceptics are now welcome to try it: The coin is real, the neck of the bottle is really much smaller than the diameter of the coin!
Of course, only you know that precision mechanics do all the work for you. Made from a real coin!

We have spent a long time on the production of this classic. What has now emerged, after a long period of experience and the refinement of various manufacturing methods, is truly a masterpiece of precision mechanics:

The "secret" was made with a wire!!! which is only 0.1 mm thick! Connoisseurs know what we mean. Compare and tell us if you have ever held a better coin in your Hands!

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