Magic Trick - Money Bill Prison

Both in terms of the effect and the props used, this piece of art is a glassy affair.

They show two plexiglass plates with a 10 euro note between them. The two plates are held together by two rubber bands.
Then you have a spectator secure the note with a padlock. The shackle of the lock is passed through the holes in the glass plates as well as through the banknote! The banknote is perforated in the process and can no longer be taken out between the plates without tearing it!!!

Afterwards, the spectator may sign the note secured in this way. For this purpose, there is an elongated cut-out in the upper of the two Plexiglas plates.
You also take a tenner from your purse and sign it with your signature, thus clearly marking the note.
You briefly cover a cloth over the banknote prison with the spectator's note and also over your banknote.
After a short moment, you bring your hand back out from under the cloth and what you then see will leave even the most spoilt audience speechless.

Your banknote is now enclosed and secured by the lock between the plates, while the note signed by the spectator is held by you in your hand. So both notes have clearly swapped places!
Then have the lock opened and both plates and notes examined. Although both notes have a hole, they are otherwise completely intact, so that really no one can explain this magical exchange of places!

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