Magic Wand - Silver Sceptre

This is not just a magic wand going up! This is pure entertainment!

Anyone who has seen the DVD by Terry Herbert, England's best entertainer, is already eagerly awaiting the new, professional version of this effect, which we naturally don't want to deprive you of!

The magician presents an elegant, polished silver wand, which he takes from a stylish cloth bag. A small stain causes the magician to polish the wand with a cloth so that it retains its shine. Suddenly the wand rises mysteriously and magically from the cloth. The staff takes on a life of its own and performs the most amazing capers. It whizzes by the magician's ear, tickles his nose and is quite colourful. Then the magician gets fed up and banishes the wand back into its storage case, from which it jumps out again just as quickly and cheekily. This is repeated several times, and in the end the magician holds the staff by force, which causes the storage case to fly metres into the air! You have to see it!
Please note: We deliver a high quality product, Made in Germany, which fulfils its function 100%. Unfortunately, we have to write this because there is also an Asian copy, not even a cheap one, where either the rod disintegrates into its individual parts after the second presentation, or the cover bursts open at all corners and ends after a short time because it is made of cheap, welded plastic foil!

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