Magic Trick - Guldiplex

Two transparent plexiglass tubes, a playing card and an invisible hole that is Guldiplex.


Magic trick - Guldiplex

First of all, you let the audience examine the Guldiplex. Then you put the tubes and the playing card together so that you get a tube about 12 cm long, made impassable in the middle by the playing card.

Then you throw an "invisible hole" into the tube and four 5 DM coins behind it, hoping that the coins will penetrate the playing card. But nothing happens at first.

So you tip the five-mark coins back onto the table, throw a slightly larger invisible hole into the pipe and ask a spectator to deposit the coins in the pipe one by one as well.

As soon as the fourth coin lies on top of the other three, the first one falls out of the bottom of the tube, thus having perfectly penetrated the playing card, on which of course there are only three coins left.

This game is repeated until all the coins have passed through the card. After you have asked the spectators if anyone knows how this trick works, a 1.5 volt torch battery suddenly appears in the transparent Plexiglas tube, so that you can conclude this miracle completely differently than expected with the words "Very simple, electric".

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