Magic Trick - Occult Board Stage

This is mental magic that makes your audience believe in a real miracle. A miracle that you can perform easily and without long memorisation of systems.

And this is how your audience sees the demonstration:

You show a board that is divided into fields. Then you ask a spectator to think of a letter, for example, which you then write as a prediction, as if you could read thoughts, in the first field of the top row, which you then cover with a small plate.
Only now does the spectator name the imagined letter, which you write in the field below your prediction as a check. Now ask a second spectator to think of a number. You try to guess the spectator's thought and now write in the middle box, which you cover just like the first one. After you have made your prediction, the spectator tells you his or her number, which you write in the lower field for all to see.
You repeat the same procedure with another drawn playing card, whose value you write in the last field of the upper row before the spectator has even touched the game. You also cover this field. The spectator now names his drawn card, which you write in the last empty field. If you now remove the cover plates over your predictions, they match the imaginary letter, number and playing card.

For this effect, which hits like a bomb, you get the cleverly designed board that does all the work for you. The beauty of this board, apart from the clean finish, the automatic function and the effect, is undoubtedly the size of approx. 50x38 cm. So you can show the effect both at parties, but also on large stages! Noble luxury design in the colour mahogany stained!

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