Magic Trick - Net Egg Bag

The basic effect in a nutshell: The artist shows an empty bag, the front of which consists of a transparent, net-like fabric. He then reaches into the air, catches an invisible chicken egg from it and throws it into the bag, where it immediately becomes visible.
Now the magician tells the audience that he will take the egg out of the bag and make it disappear again. No sooner has the egg actually "disappeared" than protests are raised from the auditorium, as everyone has seen that the magician has secretly tucked the egg under his arm.  A funny game of confusion with the audience begins, during which the performer is persuaded and "explains" the trick.
And although all the spectators should know how the trick works, the egg keeps appearing and disappearing without anyone knowing how it is actually done.
This continuous appearance and disappearance of the egg, coupled with the bogus explanation, which leaves your audience just as smart afterwards as they were before, makes the net egg bag a hit in your programme, too.

In addition to the classic version, other demonstrations are of course also possible!
If you have a brainwave game, you can perform a wonderful routine with an "invisible" card game.
 A spectator is supposed to pick up an imaginary pack of cards, which he shuffles and flips through in his mind. Then he is to memorise a card from the invisible deck!
Then he puts the invisible pack into the equally invisible box and throws the pack to you, which you catch with the net bag. The game suddenly becomes real and therefore visible.

With pointed fingers you take the deck out of the bag, then the cards out of the box. You flip through the pack and show: One card lies upside down in the pack, i.e. all the cards show with their backs to the audience, only the card freely imagined by the spectator shows your picture side, which of course matches exactly. If this card is turned over, the spectators see that only the spectator's imaginary card has a completely different back pattern colour!

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