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"He who copies understands, he who understands can develop further. Unfortunately, this saying does not always apply to the Far Eastern copy mafia. The production of magic tricks simply presupposes that one has understood the trick, otherwise there is a great danger that the effect will simply be destroyed from an ingenious trick by cheap producers who only care about throwing the article on the market with the cheapest production method!

Why are we writing this? Well, it's quite simple, because in 1991 we brought a nice piece of art for the waistcoat pocket onto the market, which has since found many satisfied customers.

For you briefly the advertising text from that time:

We think that a dazzle effect cannot be more beautiful, more colourful and more inexplicable than when it is presented at the shortest distance. You hand a spectator four individual mini-silk scarves (10x10 cm) neatly bound, in different colours, which he is allowed to examine in detail.  One by one, the spectator gives the cloths back to you, which you put into your fist one by one. If you now open your fist without any fumbling, the four small cloths will have joined together to form a four times as large, colourful chequered cloth (20x20 cm), which you can give to the spectator for examination without hesitation.

And now comes the difference: our cloths are neatly and individually bordered, the four-colour cloth is sewn together from the four individual colours, the seam is clearly visible!
In the case of the Far Eastern producer, the large cloth is printed, whereby the colours of the individual cloths and the four-colour cloth are sometimes subject to a large deviation! So what is the difference (which is only negligible at first glance)?

In the case of the printed cloth, the viewer will simply say that the four individual cloths have been exchanged for the printed cloth, whereas in the case of the sewn version, the four individual cloths have magically, and assisted by an invisible sewing needle, joined together to form one large cloth!

We deliver everything complete with all the necessary cloths and a high-quality aid, as well as detailed, German instructions, with which even the preparation is done in seconds without fumbling!

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