Magic Wand - Comedy Spring Wand

We dare to predict that this funny and versatile gag wand will surpass the well-known and popular "breaking wand".

You will receive from us an innocuous looking wand with silver ends that you can handle as a "normal" wand.

Nevertheless, the wand hides a secret, because it is totally flexible and can therefore be used for the most amazing gags!

You can take the magic wand (diameter approx. 12 mm, length approx. 35 cm) out of your trouser pocket or a small purse.

Give the wand to a helping assistant and let it spin like the rotors of a helicopter!

Shape the wand into a mobile phone, a horn, rabbit ears, a diving snorkel or a periscope.

If you don't like that, you can use the wand as an expander for strength training, or if the spectator can't open the (trick) scissors, she can use it to form the beard of Lao Tzu or Abraham Lincoln.

Some ideas we supply with the wand, a thousand others will come to you once you have our wand in your hands.

Attention: You will receive the original from our production with silver ends made of metal, not a product with plastic or rubber caps!

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