Magic Trick - Large Indian Rope

The "Indian rope" that floats towards the stage sky as if pulled by a ghostly hand, on which a little boy climbs up and disappears at the end of the rope - you won't get that from us.

What we can offer you as a substitute, however, is a usable "pocket version" of about 90 cm in length, with which you can also show an amazing illusion.

First of all, that you have a flexible rope that can be wound up normally, into which you can of course also tie a knot. Then you mutter some magical incantations and now the rope stands stock-still in the air. Or you hold it horizontally in the middle and show your amazed spectators that the rope has become as hard as a board.  What you must not do at that moment is blow against the rope, because then the incantation would immediately be ineffective and the rope would be what it was at the beginning.  A slack piece of rope that you then have to wind up again and put away.

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