Vertical rope made of cotton

Vertical Rope by SchenkSpass made of Cotton

Discover our high-quality and incredibly soft cotton vertical rope, perfect for both beginners and experienced professionals. SchenkSpass proudly offers this rope, specially designed for circus artists and aerial performers (Aerial Artists) seeking an alternative to vertical fabric.

Our cotton rope is 8-strand braided, carefully spliced at the top, and reinforced with a robust leather cuff to prevent wear and tear. We provide the rope with a black hand loop as standard.

With a diameter of approximately 35 mm, it offers a secure and comfortable grip. The rope's length extends from the floor to the suspension point, with an additional 50 cm accounted for the upper splice. This means that a 5-meter rope is actually 5.50 meters in total length.

The optionally selectable spliced loop with a leather cuff on the vertical rope is spliced as standard 1.00 meter from the top. This leaves 32 cm for a comfortable grip. Simply pull the cuff for a secure hold.

The hand loop measures 32 cm in length.

For specific requirements, we offer custom lengths, a white hand loop instead of black, and the option of a swivel on the hand loop – just contact us, and we'll be happy to assist.

  • Rope Material: Cotton
  • Rope Thickness: 35 mm
  • Splice Protection: Leather

With the addition of a hand loop:

  • Cuff: Leather
  • Hand Loop Material: Polyester

Contents: 1 Vertical Rope by SchenkSpass made of Cotton with or without hand loop in your selected length


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