Magic Trick - Card Trick: Locked Deck

Card tricks that achieve an excellent effect with little effort, and which are also fully automatic in the hands of the spectators, are rare. But you don't have to say that the trick works by itself, you can simply enjoy the success!

You show a game, it's all different cards. The only special feature is that the pack is perforated at one corner! The spectator memorises a card, then fixes all the cards of the pack himself with a big padlock. They themselves do not touch the pack!

What comes next reads like "catalogue Latin", but it really takes place like that!
The spectator names his card and immediately starts to fan out the pack. In the process, he discovers to his astonishment that his card has disappeared from the pack! They reach into their trouser or jacket pocket and bring out the card from there. Of course, this can also be examined immediately and the punched hole is intact and not torn out.

We deliver everything ready for demonstration, including the big lock, of course. You only have to be a spectator

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