Magic Trick - Caterpillar Jonathan by Boretti

If you have Hugo the ladybird, you also need Jonathan the ravenous caterpillar.

Jonathan is funny to look at and is depicted on a 42x28 cm large, sturdy plastic plate. His favourite playground is a big apple tree, which can be seen on the back of the plate.

Thereby you show the plate, flawlessly and without much artifice, from the front and from the back and also your hands can be seen empty!
Jonathan seems to have a big appetite again today, because there is a big hole in the plate. Before the caterpillar nibbles any more, the children help to conjure up Jonathan's favourite food with a magic spell.
They reach into the hole in the plate with their empty hands - and as if from nowhere, they actually have a big, crunchy apple in their hands.

But the caterpillar wants to save the apple for later. So the apple is thrown back into the hole - and disappears there as if by magic. The plate and also the hands have to be shown again!

This game is repeated several times to the children's great delight.
At some point, the magician gets the idea that it would be nice if he had an apple too, since they look so delicious. The children help with a loud spell. However, it now turns out that everyone has done the maths without Jonathan, the ravenous caterpillar.

Instead of the apple, a nibbled core appears as the climax, bringing a great trick to a surprising and funny conclusion.

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