Magic Trick - Perfect Match

A duplicity of events, colourfully presented with a spectator and without the part often boring in mental tricks like counting off, calculating, fishing, and without difficult things like forcing or palming!

You show two transparent, unprepared tubes on a thin base as well as two cover tubes, tastefully done in black and silver, otherwise unprepared! From your jacket pocket you take a folded paper bag, which you show from all sides!
One spectator chooses a tube and a cover for himself (no Force). The spectator puts the cover over his tube and places both together far away from you, then does the same with your tube.
Then you bring out a total of 8 balls, two of each colour, i.e. two red, two yellow, two blue and two green. Put the balls into the paper bag and mix them vigorously. The bag is held high during the mixing and also during the whole performance so that no one can see into it from above.
Now the spectator and you take turns secretly taking a ball out of the bag. The ball is completely enclosed in the fist while still in the bag, so that no one knows from the other which colour has been drawn. Everyone puts their ball into their tube, which is protected from view by a cover.

This process is repeated until all the balls have been taken out of the bag. Of course, before each "pull", the remaining balls in the bag are vigorously mixed again by shaking and stirring!

The only thing that is initially certain for the spectators in this experiment is that each of you has four balls in your tube. But how are the colours distributed, what is the order? With more than 200 possible combinations of two pairs and four colours, chance is rather unlikely.

Nevertheless, the first hammer follows immediately: The spectator pulls up his cover tube and everyone sees: The spectator has exactly one ball of each colour in his tube. Without any manipulation, you also pull up the cover tube - the second hit: The balls you put into the tube unseen match the colour sequence in the spectator's tube exactly!

Important for you: You really don't have to force, calculate etc. anything. The performance is just as possible in a small circle as in front of a larger audience. The two tubes can, indeed should, stand as far apart as possible, so that it is safe to say that no one knows what the other is doing and - of course - the whole thing can be done without any spectators in the audience!

Total height of the tubes with base approx. 18 cm, ball size approx. 38 mm, so just right so that the ball can be completely enclosed by the hand!
Delivery with all accessories, i.e. with the tubes, the covers, an elegant bag and especially important: a logical and for the trick just too created presentation framework, which on the one hand plausibly explains the actually senseless action and thus turns a great trick into an unforgettable highlight for the spectators!

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